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Welcome to my Cultural Health column here at Newsvine. I believe The Vine will become the people's New York Times of Cyberspace. People driven products like wikipedia, and Newsvine, will always out shine the legacy top down products. There is a simple reason for this, in my first life as a Computer Field Engineer, Account Executive and later Director of IT, I learned that people will always create more, when you control them less.

So here I stand, throwing my hat on the vine (in the ring). My column will feature news with Cultural Health commentary. I am sure my eyes will also stop on technology and tennis balls so you will get some of that too.

You will find that I write for Americans in general, African Americans in particular and anyone of good will that has an interest in Cultural Health and/or Physical Health. Ok, let's keep it clean, everyone go to your corners. LOL.


Oh Yeah, that bio thing, see the info below:

Rudy Aunk is a TechnoCultural Activist. Author, Bluthor, Publisher, Wikipedian and Founder of the Cultural Literacy Project. Improving Cultural Health is Aunk's mission in life. He is also a Physical Fitness guru and Health & Wellness practitioner.

Aunk (ankh) as he is commonly referred to by his friends, has practiced Yoga for more then 20 years and studied Qi Gong and Classical African Cosmologics under Dr. Amen and Dr. Waskem. He has also studied Reconnection Healing under the guidance of Dr. Eric Pearl. He has utilized these bio-energetic technologies to positive effect on himself, his family and fellows.

Doublespeak in Black and White, American Needs an New Idea

Eye of Heru TunUp, Ancient Technology That Will Help You See More Clearly

The What Makes You Black? Blook
(a Blook is a book made from a blog)

Cultural Health information by Rudy Aunk can be found in the usual places Barns and Noble bookstores, Amazon and now also at the peoples publishing space

For more information follow me in Cyberspace with the 60+ crew

Cultural Health Physical Health Center

P.S. NewsVine readers who like language and technology I recommend that you stop by the links section and talk to my AunkBot. Talk to the virtual me and see how good or bad I am doing with my artificial intelligence project.

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